Programs will usually be held on the fourth Friday of the month at the Historical society, but check back here closer to the event for any changes due to winter storms or other events.

Current year programs:

Alternatively, a summary of all 2024 - 2025 programs in PDF form can be found here.  All programs are free and open to the public unless otherwise stated.

For more information, contact us at: or 508.393.6298.

Upcoming program details:
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September 27 at the Historical Society Building, 52 Main St., Northborough.

Backyard Astronomy

Jim Zebrowski, from the Aldrich Astronomical Society will present a talk on backyard astronomy. This program will provide practical tips for exploring the skies with Jim’s demonstration of a six-inch Dobsonian telescope and an 80mm refractor Learn how to use a smart phone for sky navigation.

Past Programs
DateTitle (click to see program details)
PROGRAMS 2024 - 2025 choose HTML or PDF
PROGRAMS 2023 - 2024 choose HTML or PDF
17-May-24Major Taylor: The Worcester Whirlwind
26-Apr-24The Blizzard of ’78
22-Apr-24Meet the unsung heroine behind the new deal: Frances Perkins - PART 1
22-Mar-24The Summer of 1787: Writing the US Constitution
23-Feb-24Landmark Civil Rights Legislation of the Mid 1960s
26-Jan-24Underground History at Blackstone National Park
01-Dec-23Byzantine and Russian Icons
27-Oct-23The Great Boston Fire: The Inferno that Nearly Incinerated the City
22-Sep-23The Family Nurse: Home Medical Care in the Early Nineteenth Century
PROGRAMS 2022 - 2023
19-May-23Eleanor Roosevelt – The First Lady of The World
28-Apr-2319th Century Medicine: Doctors and Their Times
24-Mar-23Northborough’s Nineteenth Century Lyceum
24-Feb-23Code Breaking
27-Jan-23The Local Historic Districts of Northborough
2-Dec-22The Unsung Heroes Who Helped Break Baseball’s Color Barrier
28-Oct-22Challenger: Soaring with Christa McAuliffe
23-Sep-22The Burnett Garfield House
PROGRAMS 2021 - 2022
20-May-22Mark "The Bird" Fidrych:   Flyer-1 | Flyer-2
22-Apr-22Third Parties in America 1860 to 2016
25-Mar-22Bathsheba Spooner - A Revolutionary Murder Conspiracy
25-Feb-22The Burnett Garfield House - Canceled due to winter storm
28-Jan-22Third Parties in America - Rescheduled to April due to COVID-19
03-Dec-21The Vikings. An Icelandic Saga
22-Oct-21The First Year
24-Sep-21Lucy Stone
PROGRAMS 2020 - 2021
  n/aAll programs canceled due to COVID-19
PROGRAMS 2019 - 2020
22-May-20Program canceled due to COVID-19
24-Apr-20Program canceled due to COVID-19
27-Mar-20Program canceled due to COVID-19
28-Feb-20The Scholar and the Slaves
24-Jan-20The Collings Foundation
06-Dec-19Mysteries From Our Museum
25-Oct-19Wicked Pissed: New England’s Most Famous Feuds
PROGRAMS 2018 - 2019
17-May-19A Night at the Museum
26-Apr-19Murder Mystery
22-Mar-19A Visit with Louisa May Alcott
22-Feb-19Eating Out
25-Jan-19How many Historical Markers have you seen in Northborough?
07-Dec-18Traditions of Yesteryear
26-Oct-18Spreading Beauty
28-Sep-18Appalachian Mountain Club: Leaders in the Outdoors Since 1876 (no flyer)
PROGRAMS 2017 - 2018
18-May-18Fill ‘Er Up!
27-Apr-18The Cuban Missile Crisis: 13 Days at the Brink of Nuclear Warfare (no flyer)
23-Mar-18An Evening with General and Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant
23-Feb-18The Doctors are In!
26-Jan-18The Ride of Their Lives
01-Dec-17A Victorian Christmas
27-Oct-17Rounders To Baseball
22-Sep-17All Aboard!
PROGRAMS 2016 - 2017
19-May-17Photo Mysteries: Family Histories
07-May-17Northborough In The Trenches
28-Apr-17The Building of the Aqueduct
31-Mar-17The Molasses Flood of 1919
27-Jan-17Mapping it Out
02-Dec-16A Portrait of the Victorian Age
28-Oct-16A Look Down the Road: Historic Route 20
PROGRAMS 2015 - 2016
27-May-16What Do YOU Remember?
22-Apr-16The Lost Art of Etiquette
18-Mar-16To the Rescue!
26-Feb-16Who Lyeth Here?
22-Jan-16A Night of History, a Night of Song
04-Dec-15A Date Which Will Live in Infamy
23-Oct-15An Evening with Mark Twain
25-Sep-15A Night at the Museum
PROGRAMS 2014 - 2015
20-May-15American Harmony - Step back in time…
24-Apr-15Listen my children and you shall hear…
27-Mar-15Myth, Legend, Obscurity
27-Feb-15Take a Walk through History (the old Connecticut Path)
23-Jan-15Who was Wilder Bush?
05-Dec-14Cooking by the Book in New England
26-Sep-141912-1920: the Era of the 19th Amendment
PROGRAMS 2013 - 2014
16-May-14Luanne Crosby, music from the Civil War
25-Apr-14Money, Money, Money – Making a Living in the 19th Century