Northborough Historical Society
2024 - 2025 Programs

September 27, 2024

Backyard Astronomy.

Jim Zebrowski, from the Aldrich Astronomical Society will present a talk on backyard astronomy. This exclusive event will provide you with practical tips for starting your own celestial journey with Jim's demonstration of a six-inch Dobsonian telescope and an 80mm refractor. He will also explain how to use a smartphone for sky navigation, allowing you to see celestial objects and track the International Space Station in your own backyard.

October 25, 2024

Meet Frances Perkins: The Unsung Heroine Behind the New Deal.

The historical performer, Janet Parnes, will portray Frances Perkins, the first Woman in U.S. history to be appointed to a Cabinet position - Secretary of Labor under Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman. This educational event will provide insight into the history of the New Deal and the role of women in politics.

December 6, 2024

Beaver Meadows to Farmed Wetlands and Back.

Forest Lyford will discuss how former beaver activity helped shape the drainage patterns and the distribution of organic-rich soils in Northborough, the modification of wetland areas by farming, and recent beaver activities. His discussion will include how these industrious creatures alter streams in ways that are both beneficial to wetland ecology and, at times, challenging to humans.

January 24, 2025

The Agricultural Branch Railroad.

Journey through time with Ed Sterling and Dave Westerling as they unveil the story of railroads crossing through the farming towns of central New England. Join us for this immersive lecture as we explore how these trains once fueled the agricultural communities of yesteryear.

February 28, 2025

The USGS Stream Stats Program.

Pete Steeves, a Physical Scientist/GIS Specialist at the US Geological Survey, will guide us through watershed applications and analysis, shedding light on the journey of USGS StreamStats from its beginnings in Massachusetts in the 90s to its widespread adoption across the nation in the early 2000s. Join us as we explore how this program, integral to national mapping initiatives, has also played a role in harmonizing data along the US-Canada border.

March 28, 2025

White Cliffs, an Architectural Marvel

Join us for a fascinating journey into Northborough's past, as Norm Corbin and Tom Reardon share a historical account of the architectural detail and construction of White Cliffs. They will highlight the recent unearthing of architectural documents that shed new light on the construction of this iconic structure.

April 25, 2025

Northborough During the Revolutionary War

Presented by Norm Corbin and Bob Licht of the 250 Rev Committee. This engaging program invites you to discover how Northborough's Tea Party predates Boston's by 10 months and the town's early stance on independence, precedes July 4, 1776. This lecture will explore these historical facts and other fascinating events as we hear about our community's rich history.

May 16, 2025

The Original Bucky Lew, Basketball's First Black Professional Player.

Author Chris Boucher tells the engaging story of Harry Haskel "Bucky" Lew, who at 18 years old in 1902, took to the court with the NE Basketball League, becoming the first Black Professional player in the country. Chris chronicles Bucky Lew's journey from his rise to professional basketball, to coach, to general manager, to owner. Chris will include interesting anecdotes of Northborough's basketball history and local players.


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