Northborough Historic Houses on Facebook

A summary of all of the Northborough Historical Society Facebook postings in 2020 and 2021 concerning historic houses, monuments, markers, etc. in Northborough. Click on a link in the "FB (Facebook) link" column to go directly to the associated Facebook post.

07/08/2185Bartlett StBartlett, Capt. Joel HouseFB
07/10/2196Bartlett StBartlett, W. A. HouseFB
07/15/21103Bartlett StChesbro, George L. HouseFB
07/17/217Belmont StBartlett, Jotham HouseFB
07/01/2010Blake StDeerfoot Farms Dairy CreameryFB
06/26/2011Blake StMunroe Tavern StablesFB
06/24/2019Blake StBrigham, Cyrus T. and Company StoreFB
07/02/2027Blake StGallagher, Edwin HouseFB
04/08/2031Blake StMunroe TavernFB
06/25/2020-22Blake StMunroe TavernFB
07/22/21131Brigham StHowe, B. - Whitcomb, A. HouseFB
06/14/20202Brigham StBrigham, Jesse House & Juniper HillsFB
01/21/217Chapin CtNorthborough Woolen Company OfficeFB
01/23/2110Chapin CtDavis, Isaac Cotton Mill Worker HousingFB
01/23/2112Chapin CtDavis, Isaac Cotton Mill Worker HousingFB
01/23/2116Chapin CtDavis, Isaac Cotton Mill Worker HousingFB
05/05/2050Cherry StRice, S. - Valentine, Elmer HouseFB
03/18/216Church StRice, John - Fay, Joseph T. HouseFB
03/20/219Church StPage, Margaret B. - Ellsworth, William F. HouseFB
04/02/2010Church StStone, John HouseFB
04/05/2011Church StNorthborough Fire and Police StationFB
03/25/2133Church StNorthborough Unitarian Church ParsonageFB
03/27/2139Church StPaul, Walter HouseFB
05/01/2040Church StFirst Church of Northborough - HallFB
05/01/2040Church StFirst Church of Northborough - Meeting HouseFB
04/12/2049Church StAllen, Dr. Joseph House and SchoolFB
4/12/20 & 4/01/2149Church StAllen, Dr. Joseph House and SchoolFB
04/03/2164Church StBigelow, Walter J. HouseFB
04/08/2170Church StBigelow, Ezra Hastings HouseFB
6/1/20 & 4/10/2171Church StFirst Evangelical Congregational ChurchFB
04/15/2176Church StWood, Eliab HouseFB
04/17/2186Church StAtwood, Francis H. HouseFB
04/22/2187Church StDuplisse, Peter HouseFB
04/24/2191Church StPurinton, G. HouseFB
04/29/2192Church StFay, Lewis HouseFB
6/10/20 & 5/1/21264Church StWest District SchoolhouseFB
4/23/20 & 5/6/21302Church StHolloway, Lt. William HouseFB
05/08/21334Church StRice, Nathan HouseFB
7/6/20 & 5/13/21335Church StOrne, Capt. Edward HouseFB
07/07/20239Crawford StBruce, Silas HouseFB
07/07/21239Crawford StCrawford FarmFB
07/08/20292Crawford StBartlett HouseFB
07/11/20363Crawford StWilliams, Stephen HouseFB
06/04/206Davis AveDavis, George C. Tannery and HouseFB
06/02/20375Davis StDavis, George C. HouseFB
06/02/20375Davis StDavis, George C. Barn ComplexFB
06/02/20375Davis StDavis, George C. Farm Worker HousingFB
06/04/20385Davis StDavis, Gov. John - Davis, W. E. HouseFB
07/24/2115East Main StBartlett, U. - Merriam, Moses B. HouseFB
07/29/2119East Main StGreene, Frank H. HouseFB
07/31/2134East Main StMitchell, Edward A. HouseFB
8/2/20 & 8/5/2176East Main StBurbank, Peter - Desrosiers, Joseph H. HouseFB
08/07/2190East Main StCox, John HouseFB
08/14/21137East Main StPatterson, A. HouseFB
08/19/21181East Main StGoodnow - Bartlett, Gill and E. B. HouseFB
08/19/21181East Main StGoodnow - Bartlett, Gill and E. B. BarnFB
08/19/21181East Main StGoodnow - Bartlett, Gill and E. B. Tri-Part GarageFB
08/19/21181East Main StGoodnow - Bartlett, Gill and E. B. Kennel - ShedFB
08/19/21181East Main StGoodnow - Bartlett, Gill and E. B. A-Frame ShedFB
08/19/21181East Main StGoodnow - Bartlett, Gill and E. B. BarnFB
08/12/21117-119East Main StLowe, John W. HouseFB
08/03/2050Fay LnFay, Asa HouseFB
07/09/2066Green StFay, Nahum HouseFB
04/26/20500Green StLivermore, Dea. Jonathan HouseFB
12/09/21110Howard StMurray, Charles C. HouseFB
12/11/21300Howard StTownsend, Joshua - Holbrook, Lowell HouseFB
4/24/20 & 12/15/21333Howard StGreen, Vera HouseFB
12/18/21386Howard StRice, Benjamin HouseFB
12/23/21660Howard StKeyes, Capt. Prentice HouseFB
11/05/209Hudson StRice, Anson HouseFB
11/07/2014Hudson StRussell, S. HouseFB
11/12/2015Hudson StParmenter, Albert HouseFB
11/14/2017Hudson StFairbanks, John - Montague, Richard HouseFB
11/19/2024Hudson StRice, Eveline M. HouseFB
06/11/2043Hudson StWorcester & Marlborough Street Railway PowerhouseFB
11/21/2047Hudson StProctor, Harwood and Josiah HouseFB
11/26/2055Hudson StBush, Warren T. HouseFB
11/28/2056Hudson StFarwell. Walter M. Comb FactoryFB
12/03/2075Hudson StLilley, Charles E. HouseFB
12/05/2087Hudson StRice, Curtis HouseFB
12/10/2093Hudson StPatterson, Henry HouseFB
12/12/20110Hudson StFarwell, Alonzo C. HouseFB
12/17/20114Hudson StFarwell, Walter M. HouseFB
12/24/20121Hudson StBruso, Isaac HouseFB
12/26/20149Hudson StChapdelaine, Joseph HouseFB
12/31/20153Hudson StMosso, Joseph HouseFB
10/31/20161Hudson StContois, Oliver HouseFB
04/22/20200Hudson StWoodside MillsFB
01/02/21238Hudson StGoodrich Brickyard Model HouseFB
01/07/21255Hudson StChapin, Ezra Wood Estate CottageFB
01/09/21261Hudson StIllingworth, Robert HouseFB
01/14/21317Hudson StChapinville Post Office and General StoreFB
01/28/21342Hudson StWheeler, Edmund W. HouseFB
08/21/21400Hudson StBarnard, Luther - Hinds, David HouseFB
12/04/216Lancaster DrHolbrook, T. HouseFB
04/16/2081LincolnLuther Rice HouseFB
08/26/211Lyman StNewton, S. - Norcross, Stephen W. HouseFB
04/04/2010Main StRice, Anson - Winn-Whittaker BuildingFB
06/17/2020Main StCyrus Gale Jr. HouseFB
04/27/2023Main StNorthborough Evangelical Congregational ChurchFB
06/18/2024Main StCarruth-Shattuck HouseFB
04/29/2028Main StNorthborough National BankFB
04/07/2030Main StBall, Dr. Stephen III HouseFB
06/19/2033Main StGale, Cyrus HouseFB
04/30/2034Main StNorthborough Public Library - Gale LibraryFB
04/09/2038Main StBall, Dr. Stephen Jr. HouseFB
04/10/2043Main StGale, Capt. Cyrus HouseFB
08/08/2044Main StLeonard, J. T. HouseFB
08/15/2048Main StBall, U. HouseFB
08/20/2051Main StSeaver, Abraham Wood HouseFB
05/06/2052Main StFirst Baptist Church of NorthboroughFB
08/22/2055Main StDavis, Isaac - Fay, Rev. Warren Fay HouseFB
08/27/2056Main StMoore, Lorenzo L. HouseFB
06/21/2059Main StWood, Samuel Jr. HouseFB
08/29/2060Main StJewett, Dr. Henry A. HouseFB
05/02/2063Main StNorthborough High SchoolFB
06/20/2064Main StHaynes, Silas - Hildreth, Milo HouseFB
04/14/2067Main StRoot, Jethro B. HouseFB
08/06/2070Main StSmith, Edward H. HouseFB
06/23/2075Main StGrout, Seth - Wood, Samuel III HouseFB
06/23/2075Main StMason, Thaddeus BarnFB
09/03/2080Main StWood, Samuel HouseFB
09/05/2088Main StSmith, Edward Herbert Bone and Grist MillFB
10/15/2096Main StGale, Capt. Cyrus HouseFB
04/17/2097Main StWood, Capt. Samuel - Seaver, Samuel HouseFB
10/17/20100Main StAshley, Rev. Samuel S. HouseFB
10/22/20104Main StSeaver, William HouseFB
05/16/20130Main StHunt, Stephen HouseFB
10/24/20140Main StHunt, Capt. Jeremiah HouseFB
07/03/20154Main StWesson, Daniel B. Estate Groundskeeper CottageFB
04/03/20167Main StWesson, Daniel B. HouseFB
05/27/2037-39Main StGale, Cyrus General StoreFB
08/13/2045-47Main StStratton, L. F. HouseFB
06/22/2074-76Main StNorthborough Baptist Church ParsonageFB
07/04/2013Maple StWesson, Daniel B. Estate Superintendent HouseFB
10/21/21101Maple StCarruth, S. HouseFB
10/23/21129Maple StBourne, Rev. G. W. HouseFB
07/05/2025-27Maple StWesson, Daniel B. Estate Employee HousingFB
09/09/211Mentzer AveFay, L. - Mentzer, Cyrus HouseFB
09/11/212Mill StPierce BarnFB
09/16/215Mill StJohnson, Charles E. HouseFB
09/18/217Mill StStearns, J. HouseFB
09/23/219Monroe StNewton, Richard W. HouseFB
09/25/2114Monroe StBachelder, Alice A. HouseFB
09/30/21216Newton StMaynard, T. HouseFB
10/02/21359Newton StFay, Nahum HouseFB
10/07/2168Oak AveFisher, Hannah Alice HouseFB
04/15/2075OtisSmith Mill and ArmenoFB
10/09/211Patty LnChapin, Marvin - Maynard, Caleb HouseFB
10/14/2123Pierce StGerrity, Winifred HouseFB
10/16/2125Pierce StFelt, George H. HouseFB
07/26/2022Pleasant StFay, J. T. HouseFB
07/27/2031Pleasant StAllen, John L. HouseFB
07/28/2044Pleasant StGale, Cyrus - Ellsworth, W. HouseFB
07/29/2050Pleasant StGorman, Walter - Norton, Matthew HouseFB
07/30/2067Pleasant StWadsworth, Ralph HouseFB
07/31/2087Pleasant StBurdett, Curtis Herbert HouseFB
08/01/2099Pleasant StSargent, Della M. HouseFB
09/04/216Reservoir StreetHowe, Monroe - Bucklin, Emerson HouseFB
06/27/206River StWood, Samuel II - Seaver, Samuel Fulling MillFB
06/29/2010River StPROPERTY NAMEFB
06/28/2013River StSeaver, W. HouseFB
06/29/2015River StPROPERTY NAME (Posted as River St Area)FB
06/29/2019River StPROPERTY NAME (Posted as River St Area)FB
06/29/2023River StPROPERTY NAME (Posted as River St Area)FB
06/30/2025River StSargent, S. E. HouseFB
06/29/2032River StRandlett, Nathaniel HouseFB
06/29/2034River StRandlett, Nathaniel HouseFB
06/29/2036River StTyler, Emily O. HouseFB
06/29/2037River StPROPERTY NAME (Posted as River St Area)FB
06/29/2042River StPROPERTY NAMEFB
06/29/2024-26River StRandlett, Nathaniel HouseFB
06/29/2028-30River StRandlett, Nathaniel HouseFB
06/29/2038-40River StMosso, J. HouseFB
07/13/2010School StSecond Center District School & Grange HallFB
07/14/2016School StSargent, George F. HouseFB
07/15/2031School StRandlett, Nathaniel - Holden, L. C. HouseFB
07/11/2033School StPROPERTY NAMEFB
07/11/2036School StGay, Frank V. HouseFB
07/16/2039School StParmenter, Edwin Solon HouseFB
07/17/2040School StMentzer, Cyrus Hartwell HouseFB
07/11/2044School StCoburn, Alvah - England, Harry J. HouseFB
07/11/2047School StPROPERTY NAMEFB
07/25/2048School StBrigham, Charles Montford HouseFB
07/18/2050School StBlair, Edwin C. - Brennan, James D. HouseFB
07/11/2055School StCrouse, William J. HouseFB
07/11/2056School StPROPERTY NAMEFB
07/11/2071School StGale, Cyrus HouseFB
07/11/20130School StHowe, H. HouseFB
07/11/20284School StSherman, S. HouseFB
07/11/2051-53School StGale, Cyrus Double HouseFB
12/19/203Silas DrHowe, Silas HouseFB
05/15/2117South StBigelow, Walter J. Hardware StoreFB
05/20/2119South StJerauld, S. HouseFB
05/22/2124South StRice, M. L. HouseFB
05/27/2128South StJohnson, Dr. Joshua J. HouseFB
05/29/2149South StBrigham, Nathaniel HouseFB
06/03/2179South StStreeter, V. HouseFB
06/05/21120South StBarnes, George HouseFB
06/10/21129South StPhelps, Allyn D. HouseFB
04/20/20130South StMason, Thaddeus - Barnes, George HouseFB
4/20/20 & 6/12/21130South StMason, Thaddeus - Barnes, George HouseFB
06/17/21157South StBurgoyne, George H. HouseFB
06/19/21191South StCarruth, Horatio T. HouseFB
06/24/21206South StMaynard, W. HouseFB
06/26/21270South StWise HouseFB
07/01/21284South StDavis, George C. HouseFB
07/03/21312South StCrosby, Isaac HouseFB
07/19/205Summer StCook, Maria Elizabeth HouseFB
07/11/2010Summer StPROPERTY NAME (Posted as Summer St Area)FB
07/11/2014Summer StPROPERTY NAME (Posted as Summer St Area)FB
07/19/2015Summer StCook, Maria Elizabeth HouseFB
07/19/2015Summer StNewton, Richard W. HouseFB
07/20/2020Summer StGale, Cyrus HouseFB
07/21/2023Summer StHastings, Elijah S. HouseFB
07/11/2025Summer StCrawford, J. B. HouseFB
07/22/2026Summer StMcCool, Samuel L. HouseFB
07/11/2029Summer StBrewer, J. H. HouseFB
07/12/2037Summer StSite of Former First Baptist ChurchFB
04/11/2045Summer StPotter, William J. HouseFB
07/23/2053Summer StPotter, Cyrus HouseFB
07/11/2063Summer StPROPERTY NAME (Posted as Summer St Area)FB
07/24/2067Summer StRichardson, Samuel S. HouseFB
08/28/2133Talbot RdBemis, Elijah HouseFB
09/02/212Tricorner CirLincoln, Jairus HouseFB
04/19/20119Washburn StBabcock, William HouseFB
04/06/2017West Main StShattuck's PharmacyFB
10/28/2140West Main StWalker's MarketFB
05/05/2044West Main StWCD GarageFB
10/30/2165West Main StFiske, Horace S. HouseFB
11/04/2178West Main StPROPERTY NAME (Now Northern Energy)FB
10/29/20112West Main StFiske Hse, Granger Nursing Hm, Coleman HsFB
11/06/21214West Main StWarren, Henry G. HouseFB
11/13/21422West Main StBrigham, J. HouseFB
11/20/21536West Main StMaynard, William U. Barn (&Mastodon Site)FB
11/18/21455&465West Main StEager, Col. W. House (Bigelow Nursery)FB
01/30/212Whitney StGibson, Samuel HouseFB
02/06/2112Whitney StCarron House (s/b Capron)FB
06/15/2023Whitney StBush, W. HouseFB
06/16/2035Whitney StBush, Wilder M. HouseFB
4/13/20 & 12/25/2162Whitney StWhitney, Peter ParsonageFB
02/11/2189Whitney StMaynard, J. HouseFB
02/13/21102Whitney StGallop, J. B. House (Racine House)FB
02/18/21109Whitney StSever, J. M. HouseFB
02/20/21113Whitney StSever, J. F. HouseFB
02/25/21154Whitney StCarruth, Horatio T. HouseFB
04/21/20192Whitney StNorth District #2 Schoolhouse (Derosier Hse)FB
03/04/21220Whitney StCorey, Edwin S. HouseFB
03/06/21234Whitney StCorey, Theodore F. HouseFB
03/11/21310Whitney StNorth District #3 SchoolhouseFB
03/13/21347Whitney StGoddard, Solomon House - Maplewood FarmFB
06/13/2027-29Whitney StBush, Wilder HouseFB
11/25/2141Winter StPotter, J. HouseFB
11/27/2146Winter StMahan HouseFB
12/02/2155Winter StCutter, Silas A. HouseFB